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MetaComic : RSS/XML Daily Comic Strip Viewer & Archiver

v2.3.0.00. (BETA): RELEASED

Project Description

The MetaComic client is a windows desktop based comic strip retrieval and archiving utility used to fetch comic strips from various publicly available RSS/XML feeds on the Internet. It can be used to update your daily comic strips for viewing at ease of your windows desktop. The application maintains a folder based comic strip database in which you can store and manage your favorite comic strips. It can be used to convert comic strip images in your comic strip database to CBZ (comic book archive) format or PDF (Portable Document Format) format for archiving and viewing in your eComic Reader( eg. ComicRack)

With MetaComic you can tag your favorite comic strips with keywords as you wish. It allows you to bookmark your favorite daily comic strips so that you can laugh or enjoy the humor again!.

MetaComic contains a number of comic feeds that you can use to get stared with. Select the comic strips you wish to view from the Plug-in list of Comic strip and click the Update button from the MetaComic client and you can view your favorite daily comic strips.

  • Documentation: For online documentation visit here.


  • Replaces the old cut & paste from the newspapers and scrap book process.
  • View and archive comics that you love.
  • Can view and download comic strips from RSS/XML feeds from the web to your Windows desktop.
  • Support for creating Comic Book Archive(.cbz) files you can view in Comic Rack etc.
  • Support for creating Portable Document Format (.PDF) Comic Book file you can view in a PDF Viewer.
  • Download comic images from websites.
  • Easily extent MetaComic to get your favorite feeds (XML based definitions coming soon) by creating a plug-in.
  • Archive in consistent folder based model.
  • Bookmark your favorite comic strips
  • Tag your favorite comic strips as you wish.
  • Start with Windows in the background and discreet manner.

Comic Strips Supported (so far):


Dilbert Doonesbury Calvin and Hobbes
Garfield Blondie Chainsawsuit
Dogs C Kennel FamilyCircus Garfield
Mother Goosen Grimm Oh Brother PHD
PvP Retail Tinas Groove
Wizard Of Id wulffmorgenthaler XKCD

NOTE: Supports your custom RSS feeds (112 comic strips and 59 editorial cartoons.).
          Check the detailed list here.
(Depreciated as this is not available from website)


03-11-2014:  New update to have some enhancement and functionality upgrades.

12-09-2014:  Revamp in progress as some plugins are now outdated.

: The rss feed is being revamped , so it won't be available unless the site gets it right.
A minor release will be available next month to address this. 

18-08-2011: Unfortunately the rss concept is not available from, so currently
we have to depreciate this functionality.

27-10-2011: We may have a new conceptual release (ending version) 2.5 that may support by mid november.


NOTE: You may need "administrator" or folder rights in enterprise environment.As MetaComic uses folder to download,create and store comic strips.

  • Hardware Requirements: 50MB HDD Space, 12MB RAM (1GB Recommended)

How to install:

  • You can download either a setup or zip file from the downloads section and install or execute the MetaComics.Client.exe to start the application.

Activity List:

  • 03-03-2011: Version 2.2 BETA released
  • 14-02-2011: New check-in with strip tagging and plug-in architecture,support for multiple comic strips
  • 13-02-2011: New Beta released with complete core functionality.Please test and enjoy.
  • 10-02-2011: New Alpha Revamped Version 2 release to PUBLIC
  • NOTES: This project is being updated to use Dilbert RSS as the web service used is obsolete.
  • NOTES: Revamping complete code - 2011
  • NOTES : Update to come by August 2012

Road Map 2012:

  • Scheduling of comic strip updates.
  • Better error and exception handling.
  • Plug-in code that can get images from HTML based files.
  • Intelligent (Portable Document Format) PDF based comic strip layout generation.
  • Application Setup.
  • Windows UAC friendly code.
  • New experimental UI changes.
  • Add support for Proxy Settings (System,Custom)
  • Support and New Version for Windows 8 Metro WinRT Beta Comming Soon....

Project History:

  • Started out based on Daily Dilbert sample that demonstrated web service SOAP calls.

Suggestions & Feedback:

  • Please mail any suggestion,bugs and code modifications to or use the Issue Tracker or Discussions Sections on this website.
  • NOTE: ALPHA / BETA Releases are for testing and feedback only.Please use recommended production and stable releases when available for complete user satisfaction.

Contribute to MetaComic

  • You can submit patches to MetaComic from the source code tab. Frequent patchers ,plug-in developers can be considered for the team. If you want to join, start by solving issues and keeping an eye on announcements
  • Image Hosting:
  •  Ohloh profile for metacomic

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