MetaComic File Menu

  • Minimize to System Tray: Select the Minimize to System Tray Option to minimize MetaComic to the Windows System Tray.
  • Exit: Select the Exit Option to terminate the MetaComic Application.

MetaComic View Menu

  • Full Screen: Select the Full Screen option to switch the MetaComic Application to full screen mode.
  • Archive: Select the Archive option to open the MetaComic Archiver
  • Comic Collector: Select the Comic Collector option to open the MetaComic Comic Collector
  • Plugins: Select the Plugins option to open the Plugins and select the comic strip plugins you wish to enable
  • Open Comic Strip Database: Select the Open Comic Strip Database option to open the Comic Strip Database Folder.
  • Options: Select the Options to set the MetaComic Application options.

MetaComic Help Menu

  • View Help: Click the View Help option to view the offline help for the MetaComic Application.
  • Online Help: Click the Online Help option to visit the online help (internet connection needed)
  • Visit Website: Click the Visit Website option to visit the MetaComic Website on CodePlex
  • Report a bug: Click the Report a bug option to visit the MetaComic bug/issue tracker website
  • Feedback Options…: Click the Feedback option to visit the MetaComic feedback/discussion website.
  • Check for Updates: Click the Check for updates option check for new updates/releases online.
  • Statistics: Click the statistics option to let MetaComic analyze and give statistics of your comic strip database.
  • Disclaimer: Click the Disclaimer to agree to the MetaComic disclaimer.
  • About MetaComic Client: Click to view information about MetaComic Application

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