MetaComic : Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

* Q1. What is MetaComic ?

  • Ans: MetaComic is a Windows Application that can download comic strip images from publicly available RSS/XML feeds to your PC for viewing and archiving.

* Q2. I view all my comic strips in Google Reader,why then should I use MetaComic or what is the difference?

  • Ans: You can view all your favorite comic strips via Google Reader from publicly available RSS/XML feeds.The difference is that MetaComic downloads the comic strips to your PC for offline viewing and archiving.With Google Reader you need to have an online connection each time to view daily and archive comic strips.Also you need to manually save each image if you want to have a personal comic strip scrapbook or collection for your personal viewing at your own ease in Google Reader.

* Q3. What are the system requirements needed to run MetaComic ?

  • Ans:
Supported Operating Systems are Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP2(>), Windows Server 2003 SP1(>), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008R2.
S/W: dot net (.net) Framework 4.
H/W: 50MB HDD Space, 12MB RAM (1GB Recommended)

* Q4. Do I need administrator rights on Windows to run MetaComic?

  • Ans: MetaComic needs access to the internet and also need to download and store comic strip images to your local hard drive folder.The comic strip database is a folder based store,and you need to give the user account necessary privileges to write to this folder.

* Q5. One of the comic strips is not being updated , I can see the latest version of the strip on the website but not through MetaComic?

  • Ans: MetaComic read the comic strips via the publicly available RSS/XML feed provided.If the comic strip is not published via RSS then it may not be able to fetch it.Also some comic strip publishers do not publish daily,some only after a day or two,some at a specific time of the day.Sometime if the RSS/XML feed url or data has changed , in this case also MetaComic will not be able to get the comic strip as expected.You can report any issues in comic strip fetching via the Issue Tracker link/tab on this site,we will look into the issue case by case.

* Q6. What are CBR/CBZ/CB7 files?

  • Ans: RAR/ZIP /7z files containing JPG, BMP, PNG, or GIF files with the extension changed to CBR/CBZ/CB7 respectively

* Q6. How often should I update the Comic Strips or RSS/XML feeds?

  • Ans: It is recommended to do this once a day,based on the comic strips you are updating.Most of the web comics do not update daily.Sites like update daily midday etc.Most popular world wide and international comic strips update daily.You can check the statistics option from the Help - > Statistics section to get an idea of update frequency.You can select the comic strips you want to update at a particular time from the Plugins,you need not select all the plug-ins and update as this may take considerable time for MetaComic to download and analyze the feed.RSS is normally pulled from the site,and content depends on the publisher.

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