Release Notes/Change Log

v2.3.1b (Coming Soon)

*NEW: Can move the Comic Viewer around the screen using mouse.
*NEW: Added two new webcomics => 224 Comic Strip RSS/XML feeds.


  • NEW: Supports over 222 Comic Strip RSS/XML feeds.
  • NEW: Added MetaComic Comic News Reader (NYT Comics RSS News) for comic enthusiast to keep update with the comic strip world.
  • NEW: Added support for your custom RSS,Check Options Menu to add url and use.
  • NEW: Experimental Comic Collector in the works.Used for downloading shared comic strips.
  • NEW: On close minimizes to tray.
  • NEW: Can schedule comic plug-in updates as you wish,Check Options Scheduler.
  • NEW: 32 additional WebComic comic plug-ins added.
  • NEW: Added comic slide show option.MetaComic slide show option for both Viewer and Archiver.
  • NEW: Added add to bookmark/favorite from Viewer Screen Menu
  • NEW: Better minimial PDF rendering.
  • FIX: Better error logging and options.
  • FIX: Comic fetch would not continue after 404 http error on image not found for a plug-in , user had to try again or disable plug-in.
  • FIX: MetaComic Plugin enhancements and bug fixes.
  • FIX: Comic of today would not be displayed on viewer if not .gif
  • FIX: Comic strip database folder and plug-in download folder mismatch based on application settings lapse.


  • NEW: Comic collector to download comics from shared http folders.
  • NEW: Added comic plugins.
  • FIX: Mutiple bug fixes.
  • FIX: Minor UI enhancements.
  • NEW: Added Comic Strip to PDF file functionality.
  • NEW: Bookmarking of comics.
  • NEW: Complete error logging support using NLOG.
  • NEW: Menu option to open comic database folder.
  • NEW: Background banner for main ui
  • NEW: Comic Strip Information in Archive View
  • NEW: Menu option for Comic Database Statistic.
  • FIX: Webclient used to fetch feed urls.
  • NEW: Add to favoutites in Archive Viewer and Virtual view of favourites from Archive Viewer
  • NEW: Added NSIS based installer


  • Tagging database code minor fix.
  • Partial fix for C&H sample plug-in.
  • Proper startup to system tray on windows logon.
  • FIX: Plugins can be enabled and disabled from Plugin Menu.
  • FIX: Comic strips can be downloaded based on enabling and disabling plugins for each comic.
  • NEW: Archive View now support comic strip file information and total.
  • number of comic strips per database folder in status bar.
  • NEW: Added Garfield Feed Plugin.
  • FIX: Minor UI adjustments to Archive view zoom control.
  • NEW: Added MainUI default UI Image.
  • NEW: Added EULA Disclamier.
  • NEW: Added parial statics display option.
  • NEW: Minor UI Adjustments.


  • 14-02-2011: New check-in with strip tagging and plug-in architecture,support for multiple comic strips
  • 13-02-2011: New Beta released with complete core functionality.Please test and enjoy.


  • 10-02-2011: New Alpha Revamped Version 2 release to PUBLIC


  • NOTES: This project is being updated to use Dilbert RSS as the web service used is obsolete.
  • NOTES: Revamping complete code - 2011
  • NOTES : Update to come by August 2010

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